Sunday, 31 October 2010


An Old gem I found but a very true one. . .
Why PvE quests seem to have been randomly generated without thought, Poor poor gobo!
*Not my work just a great share I personally think*
I have a horrible feeling that other than some of the very fun or very rewarding Public Quests I just get this empty feeling as I'm sent on these random quests that relate in no way in about 90% of the time to how the game flows.

These random "Go stomp da Spidey fing's cuz de stoppin' da Waaaaggghh!" quests which then send you about 20minutes out of your way for almost no reward or point, granted its not a painful slog completing most which is a plus but if their was a more fluent flow of quests and more grouping of them that somehow related to each other which for most doesn't matter but I'm one of these sad creatures from the dark side of the moon that likes reading the Text, often I die in SC's or ORvR cause I'm reading Stage 2 Lore for my last PQ. . . *Mutters about Witch hunters and Archmages*. . .

I also find that a major amount of Quests in the slightly less visited areas or PQ's tend to be seriously bugged the reason why they remain this way Mythic isn't because people don't do them cause they may be bugged, but you don't make it worth their time and in the end this becomes dead and wasted space.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Cross Server RvR, please mythic pretty pretty please!

"Currently Queued for all SC's"
I know Mythic and EA have bigger fish to fry than my lowly complaints but I'm a late night player and have been for year's sadly we don't seem to have a massive population of Late night players in each Tier to allow me to get SC pops 24/7 hell sometimes prime time in lower tiers it can be a fair wait for SC's to pop.

So I'm begging Mythic is they could release the ability to have Combined server SC's same as World of Warcrafts Battlegroup system *abate throwing rotten fruit and veg at me please*, It allows for what small population in each of the lower tiers to have more Frequent SC's and would increase the rate on off peak times.

I know this takes up time and resources and it's something that every compnay can be lacking in these trying days of hardship but you would make a Marauder very happy if you did so, cause I hate coming on at Night and knowing that on my lowbie Rank I have no chance of any real RvR.

First Post - Welcome to WarWaaagh!

"Life of a Marauder ain't all bad!"
Welcome to my first post,
Well my name is Skinheadd I currently play on Karak-Azgal, been playing Warhammer for along time but recently It was abit on and off yet I'm glad to be back with a new account and playing with old friend's.

My first impressions since I last played almost 8 months ago is firstly this, DAMN MARAUDERS KICKASS, after rolling Ironbreaker and then promtly hitting straight for Nordland ORvR, I arrived at Shrine to see a lonely Mara only lvl7 I thought should be a fair fight. . . well after sobbing and mashing the Release button I followed that with a Life changing REROLL!

With a few friend's on ventrilo I decided to go Karak-Azgal again and start back on Desi, picking an old favourite class of mine the Marauder, that seems to have been improved alot since I last played. After picking my Chaos warriors devilish goodlooks and a beard Chuck Norris himself would of been proud of I headed as quickly to RvR as I could, after a few quick SC's and abit of Stomping in T1 ORvR I found my soulmate and his name is Skinheadd my little Marauder.

I had a few friends who haven't played Warhammer in awhile ask me, "Whats the Mara like now or is zoidberg still gimped", well all I had to say was "Wrecking Ball" the ability to pick a target and with alittle work and luck your able to storm in blast them quick enough and retreat to safety to come back and strike again.

Within a few hours I was lvl 10 and suddenly geared and gemed enough it was time to go roaming in Nordland by myself, quickly I was picking off the odd Rune Priest and Archmage Unlucky enough to stray from the Warband. But I thought this random violence and slaying of lowbies isnt challenging  so braved my first attempt of a hit and run, so I moved up to crippling an Order Warband trying to take FestenPlatz.

Destruction had been Skirmishing with them for alittle while and every so often a brave Black Orc would toss a Squigy in the Order's direction before storming in and battle would erupt, being solo I couldn't rely on heals from the Local Warband* so using them as cover I ran around the beach and came up from behind on the Order and began my chaotic rampage happily cherry picking healers and distracted Bright Wizards, in total I must of dropped about 8 squishes who stood in the backlines, Shadow Warriors making up a good chunk of my tally, before bouncing back through their own tanks who were suddenly struggeling without heals to the safety of the Local Warband.

So in all its been a great first week back to Warhammer and even more happy so to see the state of affairs have improved, I look forward to posting more information and hopefuly running alittle Lore and RvR competitions.

Thanks for reading my first little bit of drivel.

*Advisory T1 Healers can't be relied on even when in your Group*