Sunday, 31 October 2010


An Old gem I found but a very true one. . .
Why PvE quests seem to have been randomly generated without thought, Poor poor gobo!
*Not my work just a great share I personally think*
I have a horrible feeling that other than some of the very fun or very rewarding Public Quests I just get this empty feeling as I'm sent on these random quests that relate in no way in about 90% of the time to how the game flows.

These random "Go stomp da Spidey fing's cuz de stoppin' da Waaaaggghh!" quests which then send you about 20minutes out of your way for almost no reward or point, granted its not a painful slog completing most which is a plus but if their was a more fluent flow of quests and more grouping of them that somehow related to each other which for most doesn't matter but I'm one of these sad creatures from the dark side of the moon that likes reading the Text, often I die in SC's or ORvR cause I'm reading Stage 2 Lore for my last PQ. . . *Mutters about Witch hunters and Archmages*. . .

I also find that a major amount of Quests in the slightly less visited areas or PQ's tend to be seriously bugged the reason why they remain this way Mythic isn't because people don't do them cause they may be bugged, but you don't make it worth their time and in the end this becomes dead and wasted space.

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