Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Cross Server RvR, please mythic pretty pretty please!

"Currently Queued for all SC's"
I know Mythic and EA have bigger fish to fry than my lowly complaints but I'm a late night player and have been for year's sadly we don't seem to have a massive population of Late night players in each Tier to allow me to get SC pops 24/7 hell sometimes prime time in lower tiers it can be a fair wait for SC's to pop.

So I'm begging Mythic is they could release the ability to have Combined server SC's same as World of Warcrafts Battlegroup system *abate throwing rotten fruit and veg at me please*, It allows for what small population in each of the lower tiers to have more Frequent SC's and would increase the rate on off peak times.

I know this takes up time and resources and it's something that every compnay can be lacking in these trying days of hardship but you would make a Marauder very happy if you did so, cause I hate coming on at Night and knowing that on my lowbie Rank I have no chance of any real RvR.


  1. Welcome to the WAR!

    With the RvR campaign focused on sacking a single keep to flip zones, there are no more buckets to contribute to beyond that. PvE was removed, Skirmish is no longer a factor, which also leaves Scenarios having no effect either.

    With all the WAR servers under Mythic now, I don't see why this couldn't happen.

    I've added you to my blogroll.

  2. Indeed and thanks for the Input!