Tuesday, 26 October 2010

First Post - Welcome to WarWaaagh!

"Life of a Marauder ain't all bad!"
Welcome to my first post,
Well my name is Skinheadd I currently play on Karak-Azgal, been playing Warhammer for along time but recently It was abit on and off yet I'm glad to be back with a new account and playing with old friend's.

My first impressions since I last played almost 8 months ago is firstly this, DAMN MARAUDERS KICKASS, after rolling Ironbreaker and then promtly hitting straight for Nordland ORvR, I arrived at Shrine to see a lonely Mara only lvl7 I thought should be a fair fight. . . well after sobbing and mashing the Release button I followed that with a Life changing REROLL!

With a few friend's on ventrilo I decided to go Karak-Azgal again and start back on Desi, picking an old favourite class of mine the Marauder, that seems to have been improved alot since I last played. After picking my Chaos warriors devilish goodlooks and a beard Chuck Norris himself would of been proud of I headed as quickly to RvR as I could, after a few quick SC's and abit of Stomping in T1 ORvR I found my soulmate and his name is Skinheadd my little Marauder.

I had a few friends who haven't played Warhammer in awhile ask me, "Whats the Mara like now or is zoidberg still gimped", well all I had to say was "Wrecking Ball" the ability to pick a target and with alittle work and luck your able to storm in blast them quick enough and retreat to safety to come back and strike again.

Within a few hours I was lvl 10 and suddenly geared and gemed enough it was time to go roaming in Nordland by myself, quickly I was picking off the odd Rune Priest and Archmage Unlucky enough to stray from the Warband. But I thought this random violence and slaying of lowbies isnt challenging  so braved my first attempt of a hit and run, so I moved up to crippling an Order Warband trying to take FestenPlatz.

Destruction had been Skirmishing with them for alittle while and every so often a brave Black Orc would toss a Squigy in the Order's direction before storming in and battle would erupt, being solo I couldn't rely on heals from the Local Warband* so using them as cover I ran around the beach and came up from behind on the Order and began my chaotic rampage happily cherry picking healers and distracted Bright Wizards, in total I must of dropped about 8 squishes who stood in the backlines, Shadow Warriors making up a good chunk of my tally, before bouncing back through their own tanks who were suddenly struggeling without heals to the safety of the Local Warband.

So in all its been a great first week back to Warhammer and even more happy so to see the state of affairs have improved, I look forward to posting more information and hopefuly running alittle Lore and RvR competitions.

Thanks for reading my first little bit of drivel.

*Advisory T1 Healers can't be relied on even when in your Group*

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